⁠— Let the professionals manage your website for the long term. We provide everything from basic managed hosting to top tier server management and ongoing site maintenance.

Management by the professionals improves stability and performance.

— Hosting & Updates

Let the professionals manage your server and your website. We offer exclusive hosting solutions and even allow website changes. Ensure that your site maintains it's cohesive design by letting us design out new content and pages.

— Site Security

Keeping your site secure and hack free is crucial to your websites success. We offer malware prevention, brute force protection, spam prevention, content management updates, and plugin updates to ensure your site remains secure.

— Performance Monitoring

Our team of server administrators is here to identify bottle necks, provide actionable insights, and speed up your website. We monitor every site that we manage to be alerted as soon any issues occur, and we resolve them quickly.

Monitored Websites

— perform

An efficient website results in a successful and profitable business. There are so many factors in maintaining an efficient and secure website, leave it to the professionals to manage it all. We will be alerted anytime a performance issue occurs and can resolve it before any user notices.

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Modern technology

— creates change

We are a forward-thinking design agency that creates sustainable results. We use modern technologies to create change within your business.

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Website Design


Ekoa is for consumers who want to indulge and have the added benefit of being good-for-you. Ekoa bars are 100% natural dried fruit bars, with no sugar added, no preservatives, and no other ingredients but the fruits. The bars are GF, Vegan, Lactose-Free and Soy-Free. When the client came to Fluid22 their site was in rough shape. All of the images were blurry, the organization and site structure was confusing and the products were lacking any details. Through a custom designed site, we were able to achieve their vision with high quality imagery, custom product page layouts, leading to a flawless customer experience.

Our Contribution

Content Strategy, Website Design, Copywriting, and eCommerce.


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Website Design


LiftGator came to us with the challenge of showcasing their product in a way that people could quickly and easily understand how easy it is to operate. Being the only removable, hitch-mounted lift on the market, we really needed covey those two points. Through isolated imagery and custom designs we were able to showcase their product and ensure a comfortable user-experience.

Our Contribution

Content Strategy, Website Design, SEO, PPC, Copywriting, and eCommerce.


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Website Design


SafeVchat is a product of StrikeForce Technologies. The product itself ensures all of your communications with colleagues and consumers are protected from the privacy compromising vulnerabilities of other platforms. StrikeForce's new SafeVchat is the leading secure video conferencing platform. With technologies such as our patented out-of-band authentication and keystroke encryption. We were tasked with creating a landing page for this new product. The overall goal of the landing page was to provide users with an easy understanding of the platform while keeping the content concise. The final result is a landing page which showcases the advantages of the product while comparing the competitions vulnerabilities.

Our Contribution

Content Strategy, Website Design, and Copywriting.

Our Work

— unique brand identities

Our experience in brand design, website development, and digital marketing leads to captivating designs which are effective at capturing attention and sending a clear message.

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