Project Management

At Fluid22, we have years of expertise creating and building websites and producing amazing web content. We’ve all seen how digital projects can spiral out of control, and we’ve figured out how to get them back on track. Collaboration is the key.

Launching Your Website on Schedule Takes Focus and Collaboration

For you and your business, digital marketing is a serious undertaking and investment.

Achieving your company’s strategic goals will require time, money, and genuine dedication. Dedication may be plentiful, and money is usually available as well. However, you have a full schedule of existing goals and responsibilities and finding more time isn’t always easy.

Our project manager will work as an extension of your company, ensuring that your website development project is on track when you have no time to handle it on your own. At Fluid22, we will provide you with your own dedicated project management team, and the project will be tailored specifically to you.

Why is Project Management Important?

There have been numerous remarkable website development project failures around the world. They enjoy 15 minutes of fame only to collapse a few years later in a heap of tremendous cost overruns. Many modest web design projects flop as well, but even though their failure may not make the news, it can be heartbreaking for people involved.

Poor project management is a significant reason for failure, including failure to manage expectations, expenses, scope creep within permissible range, and a reluctance to deliver bad news to the project sponsor.

Excellent project managers must maintain a careful eye on the project’s performance indicators, such as time, completion paths, and expenses. However, they must also have excellent insights and successfully communicate with both the client and the project team.

Cultivating Relationships Is Our Priority

At Fluid22, we base our project management on our relationships with each client. Thus there are no one-size-fits-all solutions here. Successful relationships involve clear communication and innovation, but cookie-cutter approaches can stifle the constructive communication and ingenuity necessary to come up with the best ideas.

We enjoy learning about you and your company, gaining organizational insights, and discovering how your business works. Once we acquire your project brief, we closely examine what you’ve requested to the best of our knowledge about you and our expertise in our field and changing technologies. Only after that will we be able to provide you with a strategy that suits your requirements.

If the solution is not what you’re looking for we can recommend a different method, supported by sound logic and the findings from our analysis. Since nobody understands your business better than you, we always merge our industry experience with your organizational knowledge.

Providing a One-of-a-Kind Service From Start to Finish

Because we’re a full-service firm, we’ll never offer our service as if it were a pre-packaged solution.

Instead, we collaborate with you at every level of your project’s life cycle. We can also offer regular maintenance and support once a product or service is launched, ensuring its continuity (or expansion) as your company and technology evolve.

Our Approach to Project Management

From discovery to launch, our project manager will keep everything organized, motivated, and on schedule.


Your Project Manager will act as the bridge between you and a professional team of web developers, UX designers, SEO experts, and web designers, providing you with the knowledge and resources you need to make the best educated decisions.


Your project manager will be in charge of developing, monitoring, and implementing your project plan, which is the cornerstone of any successful website design project. Your project manager will know how to accomplish it in the proper manner using our tried-and-true methods.

Project Onboarding

During the project onboarding session, you’ll go over your project plan. We’ll discuss your organization, work habits, and how we might collaborate more effectively.


Communication is essential for a productive professional relationship that ensures that we complete everything on schedule and within budget. Your project manager will meet with you regularly to share project status, forthcoming targets, threats, critical path, and progress toward your official launch.


The scope of your project – the Statement of Work — is kept by your project manager.

The Benefits of Being Well Looked After

We want you to have the same level of trust and confidence in our project managers as we do.

They’re knowledgeable about all areas of web design and web development projects, which demand a unique set of techniques, approaches, and talents than typical project management. For both of our teams, your web project is a significant responsibility that we take very seriously.

Why Choose Fluid22?

We are a full-service creative agency that always follows through on its promises to clients.


Our developers, creatives, and project innovators collaborate to help you transform your brand and realize your objectives.


Our company’s cornerstone is founded on absolute transparency, which allows us to set the standards and evolve with the ever-changing technologies we use.


We genuinely care about our clients and their businesses and it shows. The success of our clientele inspires and motivates us to do our best.

Let Us Handle Your Project

If you’re planning a website design project and just trying to figure out how to handle it seems daunting, our project managers are ready and glad to help. They’ll be just as enthusiastic about your new website as you are. Contact Fluid22 today!

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