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Adventure Van Expo, a prominent platform for van life enthusiasts, engaged Fluid22 to revamp its online presence. With a mission to connect van enthusiasts, showcase cutting-edge products, and organize events celebrating the van life culture, Adventure Van Expo sought a comprehensive website rebuild.  Adventure Van Expo hosts a series of events across different locations, each with its unique lineup of activities, exhibitors, and schedules. The goal was to create an immersive online experience that not only reflected the spirit of adventure but also efficiently managed and promoted their series of events across various locations.

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Fluid22’s primary goal was to implement a robust event management system that allowed seamless organization and presentation of event information

. This includes detailed event pages, schedules, speaker profiles, and exhibitor listings, ensuring that visitors can easily access and engage with the specifics of each Adventure Van Expo gathering. The rebuild focused on creating a content-rich platform, showcasing not only event details but also captivating visual content, blog posts, and resources relevant to the van life community. Fluid22 implemented engaging features, such as multimedia galleries and interactive maps, to immerse visitors in the Adventure Van Expo experience and foster a sense of community.

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