web design trends 2021

Web Design Trends for 2021

This keeps us on our toes and our customers guessing what we will offer them next. The same is the case for web design. 

Just like our products and services, we should update our design from time to time. If you haven’t ever done this, it’s not too late. This article will discuss some of the web design trends for 2021 and what to expect from this point on.

Retro Fonts

This may have something to do with all the throwback musings going on across different social media platforms. Still, whatever the specific reason may be, these fonts can evoke a feeling of going back to our childhood days. 

Some people even refer to this as “happier times”. Interestingly, however, these vintage fonts are not exactly the ones that we saw in the old newspapers back in the day. Designers have taken the “original” fonts, tweaked them a bit, and polished the typography to create a “new old” design. 

Horizontal Scrolling

In the earlier parts of 2019 and 2020, this was considered unacceptable. Our knowledge of SEO somewhat contradicted the idea of this resurgence simply because it’s hard to scroll through web content horizontally. This is even more difficult when we’re using a mobile device.

The design is a bit tricky to pull off but has nice benefits to it when done correctly. It can be used to present supporting information after we’ve lured the customers to visit our website. Think of it as a sort of photo gallery, but online.

Three-Dimensional Images

This type of media has been around for some time now, but it’s becoming more than just a web design trend this year. It’s turning into a mainstay in web design. Three-dimensional visual content works well with an overall minimalist design. This sets a good balance because 3D media provides a shock factor and in-depth details. When incorporating this into web design, make sure to avoid overwhelming the site visitors by not overdoing the 3D aspect. This is especially applicable if our target markets do not belong to the technology-savvy group.

Contrasting Color Choices

We can apply two different color schemes to our web design projects, depending on our branding.

  • Pastel: This adds a soft touch to our website. Because this color scheme is muted, it will be easier for us to incorporate other more shocking web elements that can catch our viewers’ attention. There are various tones available for mixing and matching. Try experimenting with some and see what works well with your current design. 
  • Dark: It’s been present for quite some time, but more and more web designers already allow users to choose if they want to opt for this. Choosing a black background for browsing is one example. It’s practical for visitors with vision problems. At the same time, it gives the impression of us being considerate of their needs.

Things To Keep Our Eyes On

The points presented in this section are more concept-based than actual web design ideas. These are two principles that trends seem to have that we can note if we want to stay updated.

Browsing Experience

This gives a nice touch to how our customers can interact with us. It could be as seemingly simple as allowing them to choose the page’s background, font, and layout as they continue browsing. However, there are other factors at play here. If we’re going to provide them with a rich multimedia experience, can their devices and connections keep up? Given this premise, we need to balance giving nice visuals and ensuring that our site visitors can browse through them. 

Personalized Touch

Over the past years, generic designs and pretty layouts did the trick. A trend is gradually brewing this year and even in the next ones. Major brands are already making big moves to support various issues that resonate with many people. Some of these issues include global warming and saving the environment. This is why bold and shocking web designs are now turning into a hit. This type of design makes for a good call-to-action that effectively attracts attention to the text or banner. 

More Releases Coming Soon

Most of these designs are not just user-friendly and chic but also help boost our search engine rankings. It may be a bit tough for a website designer to integrate these with our current pages, but the effort will be worth it when we start reaping the results.Q1 has just come to a close. With the rest of the coming months, we can be sure that more web design trends will be released. We expect a surge in new designs by the end of Q2 and Q4. This coincides with the update in algorithms for most search engines, so most of the updates will probably be around these times.

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