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Digital Marketing⁠— Ensuring your site is being seen by relevant traffic is crucial to your business' success.

Tuned-in content marketing efforts will result in qualified leads and more sales

Search Engine Optimization

We provide business SEO services to accommodate small businesses to enterprise companies. We cater our campaigns to the specific needs of your business and can target your local search results while also focusing on nationwide markets.

PPC Management

At Fluid22, we specialize in building high-performing Google Ads campaigns that create results. We focus on national campaigns that are robust and cost effective. With a strong focus on ad text, we attract viable consumers with unbeatable costs per click.


We use industry standard software to track the results of your campaigns. We can follow exactly who came to your site, what they did, through every step of the process and ultimately provide analytics into what your competitors are doing right and wrong.

Proven strategiesscale revenue

The more tuned in your content marketing efforts, the more qualified leads. The people who call you already want your services. We apply various customized strategies to ensure your website is being seen by qualified traffic.

Online campaignsincrease your reach

Traditional types of marketing are usually restricted by geography. When you want to expand your customer reach, online campaigns can open much wider doors. Digital marketing is not limited by region and offers the ability to reach an audience outside of your local area. 

What are the benefits of digital marketing?

Digital marketing is made up of all different types of online strategies that utilize the internet. This includes tools like search engines, email, websites, social media, and more that are used to connect with prospective clients. 

Lower cost

From small business to larger companies, digital marketing helps you promote your business locally or internationally at a much lower cost than print marketing. Your strategies can be highly-targeted without being expensive. Our team can design appropriate solutions based on your individual marketing goals.

Increased engagement

Digital media is designed to be more engaging. Sharing, saving, watching a video, or clicking on ads are all engagement actions that can be measured to weigh the impact of your digital marketing strategies. The right type of online strategies will ensure you have an easier time of converting leads into loyal customers.

Multiple content types

More types of digital content mean more types of customers attracted. There is a wide range of content types you can choose from when you are building a digital campaign. We will help you customize your SEO, PPC, and blog posts to attract your target audience and start building your overall revenue.

A few brandswe work with

We are a forward-thinking design agency that creates sustainable results. We use modern technologies to create change within your business.

Overland Expo
Website Design, Development, Event Branding

Portal Design & Development

Website Design, Development, Event Branding

Overland Expo
Website Design, Development, Event Branding

Portal Design & Development

Website Design, Development, Event Branding

Our workunique brand identities

Our experience in brand design, website development, and digital marketing lead to captivating designs which are effective at capturing attention and sending a clear message.

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We are adaptable to change and ready to go the extra mile for your business. 

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