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Dressage Adventures



About Client

Tracy Fall is the founder and owner of Dressage Adventures. She has an extensive background in dressage and has trained with some of the top trainers and riders in the world. Her passion for dressage led her to establish Dressage Adventures in 2010, with the aim of sharing her knowledge and experience with riders from around the world. Tracy is deeply committed to providing a high-quality and authentic equestrian experience for her clients, and she works closely with her team to ensure that every aspect of the Dressage Adventures' programs meets the highest standards. Tracy needed a site redesign that included a better backend experience for her use, but an even better experience for her members.

Our Goal

The new website features a modern and clean design that highlights Dressage Adventures' luxury offerings and showcases the beauty of the Portuguese landscape. Fluid22 used high-quality imagery and video throughout the site to engage visitors and create an immersive experience. To make the site more user-friendly, Fluid22 implemented a simplified navigation structure and created clear calls to action throughout the site. They also optimized the site for mobile devices, ensuring that visitors could easily access the site on their smartphones and tablets. In addition to the visual redesign, Fluid22 also implemented a content management system (CMS) that allows Dressage Adventures to easily update the site with new content and imagery. They also integrated the website with third-party tools, such as a booking system and social media platforms, to help Dressage Adventures better manage their online presence.

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